Mosr's Scripts

If you would like to request a script, please use the CONTACT ME page, send me a forum PM, or send me a message in game and I will add it to my to-do list if it is something that I feel would be in my ability to complete.


Fishing - Right-click and save-as. This is an old and outdated script. I may write a new one, but don't get your hopes up.

Gathering - Right-click and save-as. There are two aliases: "gather" and "auto gather". The first will gather each ingredient at a time. The second will activate on movement.

- Right-click and save-as. TATTOO <target/me> <tattoo> <bodypart>. Will automatically OUTR and start inking.

- Right-click and save-as. Just check decklist for a convenient view.

- Right-click and save-as. Check the aliases for the commands. 

- Right-click and save-as. Check the aliases for the commands. Automatically outrifts inks for runes as you want to sketch them. Gular requires a direction for the target.

Rift Script
- By Trevize, translated to Mudlet by Sohl and updated for alchemy by me.

Script package

Alertness - Right-click and save-as. Requires GMCP to be enabled. Toggled gag in the script portion. Boolean true/false.

Extraction - Right-click and save-as. Requires GMCP to be enabled. See the aliases for the exact commands. 

Pacts - Right-click and save-as. Just check pacts for a convenient view. I don't know if this one still works.
- Right-click and save-as. Converts contemplate and assess into percentages.

Elist Summary
- Cleaner display for the elixlist skill in vision.

- Right-click and save-as. Identifies the runes on a totem. Just probe the totem and it will tell you the effects of each rune.  

New Functions - New echo(), echoLink() and setFgColor() functions that allow "main" as a window argument. Normally, you can't use "main" to send to the main window.


Sohl's scripts.


 All of my scripts are made for screenwidth 0. 

MXP Booklist -Just import and use BLIST. Click to put the book in a pack, or right click for more options

MXP Info Here -Import and use IH. Gives options to Target (your target variable has to be @target), probe, get, and touch. Can be easily changed by sending me a message and an email address.

Bank Withdraw Alias -just import and use WDRAW <amount>. It calculates the withdraw fee that the bank charges so you don't have to.

 Fishing for Screenwidth 0 -FISHING to toggle. SET <Container/bait/cast> to set stuff. FSET as a shortcut for bait and cast setup. FISHGAG to toggle 3rd person fishing messages. BAITCAST to bait and cast. TL for a delayed tease, JL for a delayed jerk, and RLL to reel line.

 If you use screenwidth 80, I can't guarantee that they'll work.

MXP Messages -Just import and use MESSAGES. Gives the option to preserve, unpreserve, delete, or read. Also at the end it gives an option to delete all of them. It makes it easy to manage all your messages, and if you have tons of messages, it gives an easy click for more option. This is a link to Sohl's scripts.

 Inking Tattoos.TXT -Just by using TATTOO, a few dialog  boxes pop up and allow you to point and click your way through the inking process. Also, you can use BUYINKS to purchase the necessary inks for a tattoo. 

Sileris_Tracker.TXT  -pretty simple, tracks your target's sileris. (Your target variable must be @target, or you'll have to change it in the script.)

 Dragon breath tracking - Old script that I just found in my repository. I couldn't begin to tell you how it works.